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The engaging portal for VIRTUAL showrooms, exhibitions, conferences, events and training.  

The MICE (Meetings, incentives, conferencing, exhibitions) is currently experiencing an unimaginable disruption due to COVID-19. Exhibitions, conferences and events have been cancelled worldwide with much uncertainty about when these events will be allowed to continue. When they do continue, what will be the reaction by visitors, will they continue as before or will they shy away from any gathering over 100 people? Many people are currently hosting virtual events, exhibitions and conferences online, but the overall experience is not engaging and in many cases, they simply take place on the ZOOM platform or Microsoft Teams. We have created a great experience where visitors or invited delegates can really engage with content as well as the speakers on a user-centric platform.

The strength of the innovation is the speed at which we can have this up and running for your brand and solutions are completely customisable. The platform is also designed for great online training experiences due to restrictive travel that may continue for some time to come.

To find out more contact us to do a live demo or alternatively fill in the form below and we will give you access to a demonstration or conduct a live ZOOM meeting with you.

VIRTUAL Exhibition City - Ready to be branded for your next exhibition