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Trend Forward management Team.


Dave Nemeth is a qualified designer who has held a variety of senior as well as executive positions with some of the country's leading retail groups, spanning a career of twenty years. He is the owner of Trend-Forward a trend consulting business and is often referred to as one of the country's leading trend analysts and creative thinkers, by a host of publications, media and business. Often a keynote speaker at a variety of conferences and debates, his energetic approach has ensured a continual growth. His biggest strength lies in the execution of disruptive strategies. He runs the company by the fact that "Knowledge is NOT power, the ability to APPLY knowledge is power".


Adele Nemeth made a name for herself in the creative industry whilst working as a professional fashion and product photographer. Heading up the creative team she is strategic as well as a wild thinker yet able to create a balance between crazy ideas and practicality. She is a social media expert who understands the dynamics of creating and executing an outstanding social media presence for clients. 


Keegan grew an interest in design from a young age with his mom encouraging him to do art and his dad to do C.A.D. drawing. He looks forward to introducing his style into a Trend Forward design project. He draws from inspiration from the variety of sports he has played and applying a mechanical outlook gained from restoring a Ford Capri. He is currently growing his understanding of what design really means at Trend Forward. He gives his all in whatever he does and is a team player who is always willing to help.


Manqoba N Chiliza is a qualified sound engineer, music producer, radio technician and also the newest member of the Trend Foward team. His creativity and technical skills allow him to fit in the design world. His love for creating original work has led him into doing music and into the design world where he can flex his creative muscles and let his imagination run wild.