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How Your Small Business Can Get Back on Its Feet Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic by Elena Stewart

In many countries, certain non-essential businesses are still not open to customers. And even in areas where these types of businesses are reopened, many of them are having a hard time recovering from the COVID-19 closings and transitioning to the new normal. Whichever situation your small business is in, consider the tips and resources below to help you prepare and get back on your feet.

Make Changes to Your Physical Location

With so many things moving to the web, it can be easy to forget about your physical store. Don’t let that happen.

● See if there are any areas of your store that could use a fresh coat of paint.

● Assess the layout of your store and make any necessary adjustments.

● And look for ways to spruce up your curb appeal, such as cleaning the windows, refreshing your signage, and changing out your window display.

Adjust Your Business Model

In many ways, strategy is everything when you’re trying to stay afloat during a time of crisis. Take a close look at your business model to see where you can adapt it to the current circumstances.

● Work with Trend Forward to position your brand as a leader and grow your business.

● Perhaps you can rekindle your entrepreneurial spirit and think of new products and services to offer your customers.

● Consider new ways of delivering your products to customers, whether that means offering online sales, curbside pickup, or other methods.

● Revisit your budget, looking for realistic cuts and new streams of revenue.

● If you’re working from home, you’ll need to set up an office space that fits your work habits.

Increase Your Online Content

Online activity can do wonders for small businesses right now; see where you can improve in this area.

● Make sure your website is up-to-date and that it engages your audience.

● Consider adding written content to your website and social media pages, such as blogs and articles.

● Look into creating video content, which can go a long way in promoting your brand and informing your audience.

● Use quality photos of your products/services for your website and social media pages.

These are not easy times to be a small business owner. Not only will these tips help you through this low point, they can secure a bright future for your company.

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