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Trend Research, Strategy, Ideation, Execution 

Started by Dave Nemeth in 2010, the business was initially purely a trend consultancy specialising in design, retail and the built environment. This led to us consulting to a broad base of business sectors who engaged with us in creating innovative concepts to assist them in staying ahead of their competitors. One of the obstacles we faced on this journey was getting the creative agencies to embrace our strategy and execute according to plan. It was through this stumbling block that we realised we should put together our own creative team so that we could fully execute the innovative initiatives that we were putting in place. The company as it is today offers a full service including all creative aspects: across the line solutions as well as virtual solutions.


We work with both medium and large-scale businesses and have tailored packed to suit start-ups and smaller entities. Analysing trends and consumer attitudes remains a firm foundation for our work ensuring we have a good understanding of your business sector so we can position your brand as a leader and differentiated in a world where those that stand out have a better chance of growth. Anticipating the future through detailed research ensures that the brands we work with remain relevant at every single touchpoint.

We handle all aspects of design in-house, meaning rates are not unnecessarily inflated in order to cover outsourced costs. These services include:

  • Social media creation / strategy / management and execution

  • Interactive web design

  • Video creation

  • Advertising campaigns - Across the line

  • Packaging design

  • Brochure design

  • Animation and 3D modelling

  • 3D product photography

  • Interactive training material 

TF Virtual was created due to the demand for virtual experiences. These experiences include: virtual exhibitions / virtual events / virtual conferences and virtual retail. These experiences are custom designed on our own platform to suit the clients needs, the solutions are available in 2D, 3D as well as virtual reality environments.

360 turnkey solution for businesses

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